Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prissy Kitty- Spotlight on Ella!

Ella is a gorgeous cat with green eyes that I pet sat for during Christmas and later this month! Her meow is so adorable- it's more of a high pitched purring sound that ends on a higher note than it starts with!

Check out her beautiful pictures below! She's such a speed demon, it's hard to catch her! Apparently, I'm feline at heart too ;)

J'aime Henri... the puppy that stole my heart!

Where do I begin?

 Mr. Henri spent a week and a half with me at home during New Years. He is an ADORABLE...( did I emphasize that enough?) ADORABLE French Bulldog puppy. I don't think I have met such an intelligent munchkin in all my years pet sitting.

He was 100% pad trained, listened to all commands, snorted :) , and preferred his posh bed to mine... maybe that's a hint to upgrade to 1200 thread count sheets!

Being the ritzy DC boy that he is, he loved being pampered, waited on hand and foot by 3 people, and drinking mineral water. I am kind of jealous of him! His mommy LOVES him!


Why hello there, Henri! * swoon *


Double Trouble- Honey and Snowball! Pet Client Spotlight

Honey and Snowball are a funny pair. They love undivided attention, lots of treats, long walks on the beach... you get the picture ;)

Their mom gives them holiday appropriate attire to wear and candy cane raw hides! They have pink and blue retractable leashes that match their harnesses respectively and are dancers on their hind legs when they want a treat really badly <3

Pet Client Spotlight! Bear the Akita!

Bear is the most gentle giant. He is as tall as me when jumping up and really fluffy. He loves his plush toys and fancy dinners flavored with fresh chicken broth. He's my kind of puppy, even at 9 years young <3 

Mid Day Client Spotlight! Meet Annie and Boz!

Annie and Boz are two adorable Pugs! They are two peas in a pod and really fun to be around. Their snorts are music to my ears, especially since Gisele also snorts!

Mid Day Client Spotlight! Meet Bessie!

Bessie is a 5 years young English Bulldog! She is really sweet and loves to walk by the stream in her backyard. She struts her stuff in her signature bulldog waddle and is the most adorable thing EVER! Clearly she and daddy love the Redskins as well!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Holidays from Perfect Paws Petsitting!

Here at Perfect Paws Petsitting we pride ourselves on being flexible and being there for your pets when you can't be. Enjoy your holidays and take your trips- you don't have to worry about your little ones while you're away. Perfect Paws Petsitting will take care of your pets exactly as instructed during your FREE Meet & Greet session.

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Thinking of going away for a few days? Book at least 3 nights to take advantage of this great deal. House sitting is a great option at $50 per night- your pets won't miss having you around because the sitter stays overnight from dinner through breakfast the next morning. With this special offer, the mid day visit is included with the price at no additional cost for the next day. Regular house sitting is valued at $67/night plus $17 for the mid day visit the next day.

Don't want house sitting but prefer visits instead? Book 4 visits per day (breakfast, mid day, dinner, and bedtime) and get them for $15 instead of our normal $17!

We are also available on a regular basis while you're at work. Book 4 weeks of mid day walks and get 1 week of mid day walks FREE! If you're away for a longer period during the day or are staying late- don't worry. Send us a text at 301-518-8082 or email us at to set up a dinner time walk.

All new customers get 25% off of their first house sitting reservation of 3 nights or more on an ongoing basis. This cannot be combined with any other offer.

Time is running out fast! Please call us at 301-518-8082 or email us at to schedule your FREE Meet & Greet session!